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Working as a trusted partner to leading U.S. dairy and cheese producers for more than 28 years, Cybertrol Engineering is a system integrator with extensive experience in sanitary process control and meeting Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) requirements for the dairy and cheese industry. 

Plantwide Automation & Information Solutions for the Dairy and Cheese Industry

From the tanker delivery of milk through final cheese packaging and inventory management, Cybertrol delivers end-to-end integration solutions to optimize production. With best practices learned from hundreds of successfully completed projects throughout the industry, we understand the processes, the regulations, and the operational challenges.

PMO-Compliant Process Control Experts

We have a team of cheese and dairy experts, who understand the industry's unique process requirements. Our engineers have created PMO-compliant process control solutions to ensure raw milk is processed efficiently and with the highest quality standards, while gathering the correct data to create the reports that are required. Cybertrol can effectively control production processes from intake bay management, standardization and pasteurization to recipe management for cheesemaking and dairy mixtures, to flexible and efficient sanitary CIP (Clean-in-Place) processes, ensuring the final product is in-spec and USDA compliant.  

Customer Testimonial

“In my opinion, Cybertrol has a unique niche in the dairy and cheese industry. They know the basic production processes, which really helps expedite the system integration process, since you don’t have to educate them on the general production processes.”
Senior Principal Engineer
Large Wisconsin Cheese Manufacturer

PalletWorks Helps a Large Cheese Manufacturer Solve End-of-Line Errors

PalletWorks, a fully-integrated tracking and labeling software solution from Cybertrol Engineering, helped a large cheese manufacturer solve costly end-of-line errors occurring during the transfer of data from the plant floor to the ERP system. The PalletWorks web portal empowers factory floor associates to see the data and correct labeling mistakes before they are transferred to the ERP system, often avoiding loss of product and unplanned downtime. PalletWorks is a unique and creative integrated  solution, a bridge between the ERP and PLC on the plant floor.

Case Studies: Dairy and Cheese Industry

Case Study Cheese Powder Facility Plantwide-Control Information and IT/OT Upgrade

Read our cheese powder facility case study

A cheese powder facility was suffering from poor performance being tied to obsolete recipe execution systems and dated PLC/HMI technology.

Case Study Blue Cheese Facility OEM Equipment Plantwide Integration

Read our blue cheese facility case study

A specialty blue cheese producer was building a new facility and needed an advanced solution for automation and information systems.

Case Study Advanced Automation Solution for a Cheddar Cheese Plant Expansion

Read our cheddar cheese facility case study

A cheddar cheese producer was planning a plant expansion and needed a state-of-the-art solution for automation and information systems.

Cybertrol Engineering is a recognized leader in Batch Control and Recipe Management System Integration.

Batch Control Solutions
Batch Control and Recipe Management

Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) Solutions

Cybertrol's Manufacturing Intelligence group includes software engineers that provide visibility into the control system through data visibility via reports, dashboards, web pages, or other methods. Our engineers can also provide the ability to connect into ERP systems for advanced integration into the business system when recipe and formulation connections to the plant floor are required. Having a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that can tie into the control system to track and report on production uptime, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), quality, or other production related data can be extremely valuable to an operation.

  • Report design, definition, build, and deployment using various platforms
  • Customer interfacing for data requirements
  • ERP integration services when required
  • Custom middleware applications when required
  • Data collection into time series or event-based databases
Example Cheese Plant Overview Dashboards on Mobile Devices

Industrial IT/OT Services

Cybertrol's Industrial IT/OT department provides design and implementation of servers and network infrastructure. The OT (Operation Technology) network is the backbone of the entire system and has a large impact on the success of a factory's operation. We have engineers that are certified in Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Panduit, and many other Industrial IT disciplines. 

  • Network and server system design and build
  • Network physical infrastructure standards
  • Server and switch specification and configuration
  • Network assessment and mapping
  • Onsite network component implementation and configuration

Electronic Records and Signatures

Cybertrol's extensive experience in the dairy and cheese industry has given us a comprehensive understanding of the electronic record requirements for the FDA and USDA. We specify data acquisition server systems, thoroughly validate systems in-house with test procedures, have written corporate standards to help companies comply with 21 CFR Part 11, and more.

Featured Industry Associations

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association WCMA
Wisconsin Dairy Products Association
Idaho Milk Processors Association
FPSA Food Processing Suppliers Association

Featured Case Study

A Rockwell Automation PlantPAx 5.0 Solution for a Cheese Manufacturer

A leading dairy cooperative aimed to establish a state-of-the-art greenfield cheese manufacturing facility. Recognizing the importance of advanced control and monitoring systems, the client sought to integrate a Rockwell Automation PlantPAx 5.0 distributed control system (DCS) with their building automation system (BAS) so they could monitor and manage operations as one unified plant. To achieve this goal, Cybertrol, a trusted automation solutions provider, was chosen to lead the project.

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