A Legacy of Engineering Excellence

Founded in 1996, Cybertrol Engineering is a nationwide control and information system integration company that develops, implements, and supports control, industrial IT/OT, and plantwide automation systems. With a deep history in manufacturing intelligence solutions, we help clients across industries like dairy and cheese, food and beverage, industrial, and life sciences effectively view and analyze operations by providing plantwide information systems at each site, aggregating data for enterprise dashboards, and implementing proven optimization strategies. Our solutions help manufacturers deliver appropriate information to all users, allowing facilities to run at maximum efficiency, with the greatest visibility for corporate, management, and plant floor operations.

Our Locations

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Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Cybertrol Engineering as your strategic partner for plantwide control & information system integration.


Expertise & Experience

Cybertrol specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining advanced control systems that optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and ensure the seamless operation of industrial processes. Our teams of highly skilled engineers have extensive expertise integrating various hardware and software components to create robust and reliable systems that follow industry-best practices.


Cost & Time Efficiency

Cybertrol brings efficiency to every control system project. With our expertise and experience, we can streamline the project timeline, minimize downtime during implementation, and reduce costs associated with system errors or inefficiencies. Our knowledge of industry standards and best practices allows us to identify cost-effective solutions without compromising  on quality or performance.


Project Management Expertise

Cybertrol project managers possess the knowledge and experience to plan, coordinate, and execute complex control system projects. Our team is well-versed in managing resources, mitigating risks, and ensuring that our clients can focus on their operations while having confidence in the successful execution of the control system integration project.


Safety & Compliance

In many industries, there are strict regulatory requirements concerning data handling, system security, and reporting. Cybertrol can help ensure that all systems adhere to industry standards and regulations, whether they pertain to safety, data management, reporting, or other areas.


Data Collection & Analysis

With integrated systems, data can be collected from various parts of the manufacturing process. Cybertrol helps in setting up systems for data collection, storage, analysis, and presentation. This data-driven approach can lead to better decision-making and operational efficiency.


Customized Approach

Each manufacturing facility has unique requirements. We understand the importance of tailoring solutions to meet the needs of our clients. By understanding their goals, operational processes, and constraints, we can develop customized solutions that align with their business objectives.


Integration & Interoperability

Integrating different hardware and software components into a cohesive system is a critical aspect of control system projects. Cybertrol excels at ensuring seamless communication and interoperability between various devices and software applications. With our deep understanding of different automation technologies, we can design integrated systems that optimize efficiency, productivity, and data flow across the manufacturing enterprise.


Support & Maintenance

Cybertrol provides ongoing support and maintenance services after project completion. We ensure that the control system continues to operate smoothly, conduct system updates when needed, and offer technical support when issues arise or when troubleshooting is required. This long-term partnership ensures that our clients have access to the necessary expertise and support for the life cycle of their control system.

Our Mission Statement:

Inspired by complex challenges, we brilliantly create and deliver solutions to maximize manufacturing performance.

We achieve this statement by:

  • Adopting our customer’s problems as our own
  • Providing our customers with the appropriate technology level for their application and corporate environment
  • Promoting a total exchange of information with the customer
  • Providing a high-quality presentation of system documentation
  • Offering innovative ideas on system design, including cost reduction possibilities
  • Keeping our employees current with state-of-the-art technology
  • Interacting with our clients, our suppliers, and our employees with the highest levels of integrity, openness, honesty, and fairness

One Team. All your Automation and Information Needs.

Cybertrol Engineering handles all your automation, information, and industrial IT/OT needs from start to finish to ensure every aspect of the project works together to achieve the right outcome. We’re made up of problem solvers above all else, holding ourselves to a higher standard than the rest of the industry — because that’s what your operation deserves. Here are a few of the reasons you should partner with us:

We utilize a streamlined process to ensure your project is completed the right way, every step from start to finish
We provide 24/7 plantwide support to adapt to changing goals and achieve the best possible ongoing results
We operate within a unified team structure to keep every step of your project in-house and to provide a cohesive, winning outcome
We are a team of the industry's top engineers, delivering innovative solutions for our customers' greatest challenges