A Legacy of Engineering Excellence

Founded in 1996, Cybertrol Engineering is a full-service control and information systems integration company that specializes in plantwide automation, industrial IT/OT, and manufacturing execution systems (MES). With a deep history in manufacturing intelligence solutions, we help clients across industries like dairy and cheese, food and beverage, chemical, and life science effectively view and analyze operations by providing plantwide information systems at each site, aggregating data for enterprise dashboards, and implementing proven optimization strategies. Our solutions help manufacturers deliver appropriate information to all users, allowing facilities to run at maximum efficiency, with the greatest visibility for corporate, management, and plant floor operations.

Our Services and Capabilities

We provide full-service control and information systems integration with expertise in the following areas:

Control System Design & Specification
24/7/365 Service & Support
Project Management
  • Large scale integration
  • Validated systems
Assessments & Modernization
Documentation Development
  • System operation manuals
  • Functional description development
  • Electrical installation specifications
  • Network installation specifications
Electrical Design & CAD Drawings
Industrial IT/OT
  • OT network assessments
  • OT managed services
  • Server system design and specification
  • Network system architecture
UL Panel Shop & Equipment Supply
  • PLC/Motor control panels
  • IDF/Networking enclosures
  • Instrumentation
Software Engineering
  • IIoT applications
  • Custom dashboards
Manufacturing Intelligence
  • MES implementation
  • Data acquisition and reporting systems
  • Historian
  • OEE systems
Advanced Process Control
Motion Control
PLC/HMI Programming
  • PLC/HMI simulation
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
SCADA Development
Batch Control & Recipe Management
  • ISA88 compliant​
  • PLC-driven batching engine​
  • Full data collection and reporting​
  • Flexibility to add needed functionality​
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance​
  • ERP integration for inventory​
  • Production scheduling​
  • Material traceability​
  • Utilities optimization
Automation Functional Safety
  • Safety assessments
  • Electrical/Mechanical hazard mitigations 
  • Safety aystem validation support
Configurable Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Optimal management of master recipes
  • Circuit-specific routing and setpoints​
  • On-screen modification of:
    • Valve pulsing sequences
    • Permissives
    • Interlocks​
  • Robust reporting including:
    • Sequence execution
    • Analog trends
    • Operator comments
    • Titration verification
    • Outlier detection
    • Water and chemical usage
  • Maintenance-friendly design
    • Separation of high and low voltage
Packaging Line Integration

Our Locations

Cybertrol Engineering locations

Our Mission Statement:

"Inspired by complex challenges, we brilliantly create and deliver solutions to maximize manufacturing performance."

We achieve this statement by:

  • Adopting our customer’s problems as our own
  • Providing our customers with the appropriate technology level for their application and corporate environment
  • Promoting a total exchange of information with the customer
  • Providing a high-quality presentation of system documentation
  • Offering innovative ideas on system design, including cost reduction possibilities
  • Keeping our employees current with state-of-the-art technology
  • Interacting with our clients, suppliers, and employees with the highest level of integrity, openness, honesty, and fairness




We want to shine at what we do

  • Be the best and the brightest​
  • Strive to be exceptional​

Bring the appropriate attitude every day

  • ​Positivity​
  • Work ethic​
  • Tenacity​


  • Confidence in what we know and do​

Authenticity is acting in accordance with one's true self, and being authentic means behaving in congruence with one's values, beliefs, motives, and personality dispositions.


AUTHENTIC, GENUINE, BONA FIDE mean being actually and exactly what is claimed


AUTHENTIC implies being fully trustworthy as according with fact​

  • True to one's own personality, spirit, or character​
  • Is sincere with no pretensions​
  • Open and honest​
  • Transparency​
  • Teaching/mentoring​
  • Not about me – about WE
  • Responsive
  • Flexible

We want to help our customers succeed​

  • Listen
  • Solve problems
  • Bring value with suggestions

Collaborative Nature​

  • Teamwork​
  • Work together for the greater good​

Understand the value of reputation

  • Deliver excellence