Cybertrol Engineering is a recognized leader in Batch Control and Recipe Management System Integration

    Cybertrol's experience is the result of numerous, successful batch control system projects for a variety of challenging batch solutions. Our engineers are experts at the ISA-88 standard for batch control and modeling the enterprise for optimal batch processing. We define batch control and recipe execution solutions for manufacturing operations by analyzing the physical system and the procedural requirements. Cybertrol Engineering will help you understand how batch control systems can facilitate scheduling production, recipe editing, formulations, system validation, lot tracking, flexible requirements, and more.

    Our batch control system designs take into consideration FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (Code of Federal Regulations for electronic records and electronic signatures). From system functional requirements specifications to software module construction, Cybertrol’s designs comply with the International Society of Automation standards including ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards for batch control system design and integration with MES/ERP systems.

    • PLC-driven batching engine
    • Recipe management, storage, and version control
    • Batch history logging and recording
    • Flexibility to add functionality​
    • ERP integration for inventory​ accuracy
    • Production scheduling​
    • Full data collection and reporting​
    • Materials traceability​
    • Utilities optimization
    Batch Control and Recipe Management Systems

    Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Batch Experience

    As a Rockwell Automation Gold System Integrator Partner, Cybertrol Engineering is fully competent with FactoryTalk Batch, a Rockwell Automation software that allows end users to apply one control and information system across their entire process to improve capacity and product quality, save energy and raw materials, and reduce process variations and human intervention

    Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Batch

    Using ANSI/ISA-88-based functionality, recipes and processes can be developed independently of process equipment. Users can easily change recipe parameters, add new batches, or define which equipment your batches use; without requiring engineering or automation system changes or revalidation. With FactoryTalk Batch, end users can:  

    • Create and manage recipes and execute them automatically 
    • Reduce hours that are needed for validating and commissioning  
    • Configure physical and procedural models  
    • Collect electronic batch data to generate detailed reports for compliance or process improvement  
    • Simulate the entire batch process

    Cybertrol has developed tools to leverage the power of FactoryTalk Batch software along with additional innovations to allow for corporate recipes from the ERP to be pushed into the system, with detailed reporting solutions as a result.

    Cybertrol BatchWorks – Connecting FactoryTalk Batch to the ERP System

    Cybertrol BatchWorks is a web-based, middleware software that compliments FactoryTalk Batch by seamlessly transacting material consumption and production information generated by Batch with the [Customer's] ERP system, enabling real-time visibility to production cost, inventory availability, batch cycle time, and batch quality. The BatchWorks programming strategy utilizes phase-based recipes to support the operations of the fluids process. From this environment, the supervisor/operator can create, copy, and modify recipes, run and phase automatic recipe execution, and manually adjust operations. Recipes can include operator prompts for assuring process connections are made, such as, adding hand-applied ingredients, acknowledging process steps (quality checks), etc. 

    Cybertrol BatchWorks enhances recipe management and scheduling functions. Modules include:  

    • Recipe Editor – Allows recipes to be edited and stored.  Allows recipes to be released for production.  
    • Recipe Version Control – Keeps versions of all recipes.  
    • Batch Scheduler/Campaign Manager – Schedules production across processing units. Once the batch or campaign is scheduled, it is pushed to the controller, which will then display the current batch list on the HMI. The operator selects the desired batch to run and starts it. The system will run the batch per the downloaded batch recipe.  
    • Batch Records – Executed batches will store batch records into a database. 
    • Batch Report – Batch reports will be created to view the data.   
    • Material Management – Inventory consumption data transactions with the ERP after performing batch certification.

    Are you Ready to Optimize Your Batching Process?

    Batch Reports

    Detailed Batch Report: This report will show batch start and end times, batch ID, recipe used, and setpoint versus actual for ingredient additions, as well as any other alarms or events that occur during the batch operation.

    Completed Batches by Date Report: This report shows all batches that were completed between two user-specified dates. Each batch is shown as a link that navigates to the summary batch report for the selected batch.

    Summary Batch Report: The summary batch report can be run for any production batch and shows recipe, run time, and both individual and aggregate (total) ingredient usage by material type.

    Golden Batch: Golden batch reports allow for the definition of what an ideal batch should “look like”, then allows for future executions to be compared via the standard using an overlaid trend. A batch is defined as anything with a defined “beginning and end” and could be a batch of product, a CIP wash, or a 24-hour trend of water consumption or effluent discharge.

    Detailed Batch Report Cybertrol Engineering

    Case Studies: Batch Control Success Stories

    New Ice Cream Facility Batch Case Study

    Cybertrol designed a flexible batching solution for an ice cream plant to handle dynamic equipment arbitration across 100+ source tanks. 

    Cheese Powder Facility Batch Case Study

    Cybertrol helped a cheese powder manufacturing facility upgrade to a S88 batching solution, eliminating proprietary software.

    Coffee Drink Plant Batch Case Study

    Cybertrol solved a production bottleneck for a specialty coffee drink plant by studying and modifying their existing batching system.

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