Eliminate Costly End-of-Line Errors & Rework with PalletWorks

PalletWorks is a labeling and tracking software solution developed by Cybertrol Engineering that acts as an intelligent bridge between the manufacturing floor and ERP system. PalletWorks records and labels items and pallets coming off a production line to help ensure accurate production data is recorded. Operators can mass edit and reprint labels before sending the information to the ERP, resulting in better product tracking, inventory accuracy, and fulfillment efficiency.

PalletWorks: One Solution that Integrates End-of-Line Production Tasks

Your manufacturing process may have an automated packaging and labeling system, but if you don’t have real-time visibility into your inventory after production is complete, your system isn’t truly integrated.

Cybertrol Engineerings' PalletWorks™ is a tracking and labeling software solution that integrates with packaging hardware to intelligently bridge the manufacturing floor with the ERP system. The PalletWorks user interface records data in real-time and allows operators to correct inaccuracies, discrepancies, and/or errors that were identified during the process, so accurate information is sent to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

  • PalletWorks was thoughtfully planned out and developed by a group of brilliant and experienced Cybertrol engineers. 
  • PalletWorks tracks, prints, and applies labels to your items and pallets. 
  • With the PalletWorks admin portal, you can easily monitor and manage the information coming from the factory floor.
  • HMI control screens integrate with your production line control system.
  • PalletWorks allows operators to modify and correct data before it gets sent to the ERP by directly communicating with the PLC on the line.

PalletWorks Portal and User Interface

The PalletWorks (PW) web-based portal is the primary means of operation and is designed to be used on an industrial tablet and/or traditional PC. The software automatically collects, tracks, and records data throughout the labeling process. Operators can review and edit the data in the PalletWorks portal, ensuring accurate information is sent to ERP or other business systems (through API integration).

  • User interface can be customized to use terms familiar to your organization
  • Data can be visible or hidden to focus an operator's attention
  • Production workflows can be customized with configuration options
  • Integration triggers with the ERP can be set and automated

Reduce the Risk of Human Error by Automating Tasks 

For many manufacturers, each step at the end-of-the-line has some sort of manual process with multiple people involved. This level of human interaction often leads to unintentional errors when printing and applying labels. PalletWorks is a fully-integrated solution that automates your end-of-line tasks and eliminates any rework due to human error.

An Auditor for Your End-of-line Tasks

  • Continuously records and validates production data in real-time
  • Collects an inventory of items on a pallet
  • Communicates with ERP systems for seamless data flow
  • Generates feedback reports on production output
  • Ensures labels are accurate, properly applied, and can be machine scanned
  • Manages order fulfillment during production runs
  • Identifies production errors as they occur on the line
  • Allows operators to correct inaccurate data before it's sent to the ERP

PalletWorks on the Production Line

What's happening on the production line?

  1. Order is active on production line
  2. Item is created (i.e. Scale)
  3. Printer/applicator applies item label
  4. Industrial scanner scans item label
  5. Pallet is stacked and shrink-wrapped
  6. Printer/applicator applies pallet label
  7. Industrial scanner scans pallet label

What's happening in PalletWorks (PW)?

  1. Set active order in PW portal (PLC integration/manual entry)
  2. PW receives signal from PLC that an item is created
  3. PW sends request to print item label
  4. PW waits for item label to be scanned to identify any errors
  5. PW creates a digital STACK of the pallet
  6. PW sends request to print pallet label
  7. PW waits for pallet label to be scanned to identify any errors

PalletWorks Product Levels & Licensing

  Basic Pro Enterprise
Main Features      
Tracks items created by unique identifier
Tracks items stacked on pallets
Tracks pallets by unique identifier
Hand scanner compatibility
Verify labels are printed & applied correctly  
Basic labels
Customized labels  
Customized labels by product    
Optional Features      
Automatically print pallet labels
Automatic order switching  
Upstream printing  
Sample tagging    
Override active order    
Multiple orders active    
High speed line compatibility    
REST API Endpoints
PLC/HMI Integration  
Customized ERP integration  
Basic logins
Active directory authentication  
Extensive logging for troubleshooting
Direct remote support visibility  


PalletWorks New Project Request

PalletWorks integrates with your ERP system to coordinate packaging line configuration and report finished goods production.

  • Support for both on-premise and cloud-hosted ERP systems
  • Orders from ERP readily available for selection at each packaging line
  • Product validation ensures correct product is used to fulfill orders
  • Flexible product identification schemes accommodate existing labeling requirements
  • Validated production seamlessly reported to ERP and/or WMS systems
  • Manual pallet creation capability minimizes inventory discrepancies and empowers staff

PalletWorks was created with self-sufficiency and maintenance in mind.  It is not a “black box” solution, and is easily configured, maintained, and even expanded upon by local engineering resources.  Much of PalletWorks’ power comes from it’s presence at the controls level, allowing it to integrate directly with other equipment in the packaging process including printers, conveyors, palletizers, pallet wrappers, and AGV systems.  The programming for PalletWorks is completely open, making it efficient to troubleshoot and tailor to your exact requirements.

While PalletWorks can be provided a turnkey solution including printing, scanning, labeling, and operator interface hardware, it can also be retrofitted into existing infrastructure and is platform agnostic.  We have existing templates for a number of HMI platforms and support dozens of printer manufacturers including:

  • Rockwell Automation
  • WonderWare
  • Inductive Automation
  • Zebra
  • VideoJet
  • SATO
  • Domino
  • Markem-Imaje

Download our Whitepaper: Optimizing Packaging Operations with PalletWorks.