Automation Solutions to Outproduce the Competition

Many facilities in the feed and grain industry are large operations that are understaffed. In these cases, technology can make an invaluable difference in maximizing productivity and profit. It can help understaffed facilities outproduce more highly staffed counterparts while also taking advantage of the difference in overhead. Cybertrol provides manufacturing operations in feed and grain with comprehensive solutions, ranging from weighing systems and material handling to processing and packaging. We also design data acquisition and reporting systems complete with user-friendly management dashboards for inventory tracking, regulation reporting, critical process control points, and more.

Cybertrol's knowledge-driven solutions will help you maximize productivity, track inventory, and generate reports.

Our plantwide capabilities in the feed and grain industry include:

  • Weighing systems
  • Rail and truck receiving
  • Material handling
  • Dry product conveying
  • Bin/tank farm management
  • Processing
  • Filling
  • Packaging
  • Central control rooms

Featured Case Study

Delivering the Most Automated Corn Processing Facility in the World

A new corn processing facility was built to become the most technologically advanced, flexible, and efficient in the world.

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