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Smart manufacturing in food and beverage operations is centered around flexibility, productivity, and yield while meeting quality and safety requirements. Our secure plantwide solutions deliver flexibility and efficiency throughout your entire facility while also ensuring FDA compliance in all aspects with designs that give you access to relevant, real-time information — including traceability. 

Cybertrol's knowledge-driven solutions will help you improve yield, increase productivity, mitigate security risks, and optimize resources.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or reconfigure your existing system or are interested in an entirely new implementation, Cybertrol has the expertise and experience to provide information-enabled manufacturing, giving you the visibility to improve your entire operation. Our plantwide capabilities in the food and beverage industry include:

Automation Process Expertise in Food and Beverage

Cybertrol provides quality process automation engineering and control integration in all areas of food and beverage production, from receiving raw ingredients through packaging finished products. We offer 24/7 service and support to allow for continuous improvement and rapid response. As a result, our customers optimize productivity, reduce expenses, minimize risk, and increase profits.

Process Automation Batch Process

Batch Process

Different batch applications require appropriate solutions to maximize your return on investment. We take the time to understand your requirements in recipes and formulations, raw ingredients delivery systems, kitting of minor ingredients and hand additions, agitation and tempering, quality verification process, and accuracy; all while ensuring food safety.

Process Automation Fluid Process

Fluid Process

If your process includes receiving and storage, pasteurization, product standardization, filtration fermentation, evaporation, or dryer applications, our engineers have strong process knowledge and understand the dynamics of the equipment. We provide an optimal control strategy while ensuring a safe operator environment and protecting equipment.

Process Automation Utilities Integration

Utilities Integration

Operating with legacy or obsolete equipment puts you at risk. We understand the benefits of today’s control technology and expanded functionality. ROI shouldn't be based solely on the fear of lost revenue due to hardware failure, but on increased revenue provided by accessibility of data, equipment effectiveness, product quality, ingredient usage, and increased yields.

Process Automation Blend Process

Blend Process

Continuous in-line blending applications can replace certain batch applications and allow food and beverage producers to maximize yields with minimal equipment expense. Cybertrol's process knowledge extends beyond typical ratio control strategies and helps achieve desired product consistency from start to finish.

Process Automation Clean in Place CIP

Clean-in-Place (CIP)

Product quality and food safety programs are highly impacted by the sanitation process. We design a CIP strategy concurrent to process control, for a fully integrated solution. Product, operator, and consumer safety is at the forefront of our designs. We use technology that verifies the system has been cleaned, but minimizes chemicals, water, and time.

Process Automation Timely Documentation

Timely Documentation

Documentation delivered in a timely manner allows your staff to train new operators and maintain the system. If needed, Cybertrol will help protect your investment with 24/7/365 phone and remote support services and onsite engineering services.

Cybertrol Engineering is the preferred System Integrator for Dairy & Cheese Producers...Read more about our expertise in sanitary process control.

Dairy & Cheese Solutions
Dairy and Cheese Plantwide Automation and Information Solutions

Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions – Analytics & Reporting

Analyzing data correctly can lead to breakthroughs in efficiency. Cybertrol's manufacturing intelligence solutions deliver real-time production data to support decision-making and continuous improvement. Our intuitive dashboards and reporting solutions transform raw data into actionable insights. We integrate real-time operational data with business information systems to provide a comprehensive overview of your plant's performance, so that you can make informed, data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity. We understand the requirements for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), including CCP (Critical Control Point) and CIP (Clean-in-place) requirements. We replace traditional methods with electronic records that include automated and real-time data analysis that is better organized and more readily accessible.

All of this data can be summarized into reports organized by:

  • Shift/Day/Month
  • Product code
  • Operator
  • Production line

Cybertrol Engineering is a Supplier Member of the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), as a provider of manufacturing solutions to food and beverage processors. Tim Barthel, Executive Vice President of Cybertrol, is currently serving as Chair of the Technology Network. In this role, he assumes responsibilities such as providing leadership to the Network, delegating responsibilities to accomplish the goals set in cooperation with the FPSA Staff Liaison, and reporting to the Networks' Leadership Team. The mission of the Technology Network is to provide expertise, solutions, and guidance for FPSA member companies while creating an awareness of emerging trends within technology in food and beverage industries.

Compliance and Electronic Records

Cybertrol's extensive experience in the food and beverage landscape has given us a comprehensive understanding of the electronic record requirements of the FDA and USDA. Our control and information systems are designed to maintain detailed production records, traceability, and quality control metrics to ensure full compliance with industry standards and regulations. We specify data acquisition server systems, thoroughly validate systems in-house with test procedures, have written corporate standards to help companies comply with 21 CFR Part 11, and more. 

Featured Case Study

Batch System Replacement & New HMI System for a Food Manufacturer

A multinational food manufacturer had recently purchased an existing manufacturing plant and the staff quickly realized the custom batch software and HMI system were obsolete, causing them increased maintenance costs, wasted batches, and limited flexibility.

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Cybertrol is a really strong partner that can deliver Rockwell Automation solutions for us. They have some of the best technical experts on our combined team, and I’d say we’re very technical. We pretty much trust them to be able to handle anything onsite and work through any issues they encounter."
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Leading Food Processing Manufacturer

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