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    It's very important for a manufacturer to have a properly designed and documented network in order to scale up for future expansion. An OT network assessment from Cybertrol can identify current issues and serves as a starting point for infrastructure development, expansion, and upgrade discussions. We find out where you currently are, where you should be, and create a plan using best practices and industry standards to get you to where you need to be.

    Successful technology deployment depends on an accurate assessment of the current network and a detailed understanding of security and compliance policies. Ethernet-based networks are great for the plant floor, as they allow for standardization of media and the ability to easily communicate and view production data. However, they come with an increased need for security and demand a design skill set that only comes from experience—this is why you bring in the experts.

    Cybertrol Engineering has the experience and proven ability to provide secure, reliable industrial networks. We provide thorough analysis, design, construction, and integration in a coordinated plan to ensure smooth execution from start to finish. We will be involved in the process every step of the way and offer full system support contracts as a managed service provider (MSP).

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    Network Assessment Discovery Phase

    Step 1. Discovery

    Through interviews with key stakeholders, our experts will discover where your network is today and identify your business goals for the future.


    Step 2. Audit

    A comprehensive audit of the current network is performed to generate an inventory of devices and a map showing how they are all connected.


    Step 3. Report

    A customized report  that contains a complete network inventory; topology diagram; and our recommendations is delivered and reviewed.


    Step 4. Actualize

    After system discovery, audit, and report review, it’s time for a system implementation from a company that has a proven track record.

    On-site Network Assessment

    Cybertrol Engineering will perform an on-site network assessment and provide recommendations to improve the overall system redundancy, security, and performance to align with current industry best practices. To accomplish this, Cybertrol examines network configurations and documentation provided by the customer relating to the physical and logical layout of the OT network, as well as its existing components. A site visit is performed to allow for verification of the provided documentation and assumptions that are made where information is unknown. Cybertrol will develop high-level current and future state controls infrastructure diagrams and present a recommended path forward. 

    Cybertrol's network assessments focus on the following areas: 

    • Separation of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) network infrastructure and configurations/server infrastructure using CPwE (Converged Plantwide Ethernet) guidelines
    • Current network switch hardware
    • Future network recommendations 
    • Recommendations for secure data transfer
    • Analysis of network traffic bandwidth
    • Alignment with industry best practices
    OT Network Assessments

    Post-Assessment Report, Review, and Recommendations

    A high-level report with our discoveries and supporting documentation will be provided following the on-site assessment including:

    1 Device Inventory
    • Document:
      • Existing network components that are connected to the plant automation network (PLC’s, HMI’s, Ethernet-based I/O, network switches, IP cameras) including device nameplate photographs and software capabilities (managed vs. unmanaged)
      • Existing connections and connector types, fiber strands (if applicable), media converter(s)
      • Power source(s) for components including UPS’s in place and/or redundant power supplies
    2 Health Status
    • Checking of:
      • Network services (DHCP Servers, default routers, DNS servers) Bandwidth Assessment (Wired)
      • Overall network bandwidth to identify high traffic devices and overall network throughput
    • This assumes devices are plugged into switches that support SNVP (Simple Network Management Protocol) v2 or v3
    3 Network Map
    • Visual Studio or equivalent network architecture map showing existing plant devices and specific switch ports that they are plugged into
    • This assumes devices are plugged into switches that support SNMPv2 or SNVPv3
    4 Physical Install Review
    • A walk through and physical inspection to ensure industry standards and compliance
    • Photographs of network enclosures showing installation locations
    5 Security Review
    • The current security practices and segmentation of the OT network will be reviewed
    6 Recommendations
    • Provide site overview report with recommendations for immediate and long-term solutions
    • Develop cost estimates for recommended upgrades or remediation efforts
    • Any recommended updates to the composition of the manufacturing network following this assessment will be based on Cybertrol’s adherence to industry-wide standards


    Network is Faster

    Using current cabling and hardware standards allows the network to be optimized for better flow of network traffic and faster speeds.

    Reliable Network 

    A network with a redundant structure allows for disasters to be avoided and allows the plant to run continually when it is scheduled.

    Faster Diagnostics

    A network that is properly documented and follows the latest standards allows for quick a quick diagnosis when problems arise.

    Feel Comfortable

    The new operational technology (OT) network will allow your IT team to feel comfortable in the company's network infrastructure.

    Contact Cybertrol to schedule an OT Network Assessment and take back control of your control network.

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