Cybertrol Engineering is an enterprise-wide information solution provider.

We enable our customers to manage operations more efficiently with visibility into their activities at the different levels of an organization.

The demand of manufacturers to optimize requires proper information to analyze. Cybertrol provides information software solutions that help manufacturers achieve continuous improvement.

Cybertrol offers these manufacturing intelligence, manufacturing operations management, and manufacturing execution systems solutions:



Data is only as good as the system that collects it

Historians can make a world of difference when it comes to how data is stored, accessed and backed up. Cybertrol has worked with many different historians in various situations. Allowing us to set up your historian, ensures that all data is being tracked in the most efficient manner and can easily be managed as the plant changes.

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Analyzing data correctly can lead to breakthroughs in efficiency

Reporting tools can give you new insights and understandings into processes previously left in the dark. Cybertrol can bring those processes into the light with a suite of reporting tools, dashboards, and spreadsheets with notification capabilities and alerts to make sure you have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips.

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Get your data on the go

Processes don’t shut down just because you are not on site, doesn’t it make sense to have access to your data no matter where you are? Cybertrol can give you customer dashboards and reports that are specifically designed for your mobile device.

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Manufacturing Operations Management - Manufacturing Execution Systems

From start to finish

Processes can have many steps and stages, making it difficult to follow and transition data as it moves. Cybertrol can simplify your data to show you exactly the information you need to make sure that what you started with aligns with what you got out of it.

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Asset Management

Preparing for the worst

As times goes on, files move around, get updated and deleted. When you need a file immediately, and you can’t find it, it can spell disaster. Let Cybertrol implement an asset management solution allowing you to have easy access to all your important files and track them as they are updated.

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Web Applications

Keep track of things that don’t have I/O points

There are things outside the realm of hardware that can be optimized. Cybertrol can create custom web applications that it makes it easy for employees to enter data on operations that can’t be captured by a PLC. Custom reports will then be made to optimize this new found source of data.

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Managed Services

Check in with your hardware and software

Hardware and software failure can lead to plant downtime and loss of data, and this can cost you a lot more than just money. Cybertrol can save you the trouble by checking in on all of your systems remotely and fixing any issues or concerns before they can cause problems, giving you peace of mind.

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