Cybertrol works with many end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) on custom equipment automation.

This includes interfacing several disparate equipment control systems into a seamless integrated system from a common control interface.

Our proven approach of breaking down complex operations into their basic sequence elements and using proven state machine code modules provides robust, fault-tolerant operation.

Is there dated equipment that is still in operation but the control system is obsolete, not documented, or has intermittent problems? These all cause risk for a business. Cybertrol has been through these challenges and knows how to effectively update the automation system and typically improve operation efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Machine safety is paramount — Reduce risk by plugging in Cybertrol’s experience for all levels of safety categories/SIL levels.

Record key Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data and visualize it with Cybertrol’s management dashboards. We reduce complex production problems into a simple, intuitive presentation of information.