Cybertrol Engineering’s talented management team collaborates to make each project a success.

We constantly adjust to meet our customers changing schedules, project needs, and very critical support needs. Our internal management procedures and team environment have allowed us to grow with quality. Our co-workers meet with their respective teams regularly, keeping up to date on customer needs and assisting other co-workers with resources and training to deliver the best to our customers.

Our dedicated management team and co-workers approach every initiative with a relentless focus on success. The Cybertrol culture of being service-based in all our activities with customers and co-workers has led to long term relationships and a positive work environment.

Meet some members of our leadership team who help make Cybertrol the most sought after partner for control and information systems integration.

“It’s fun to come to work each day to be a part of a dynamic, technically-leading business and experience how the Cybertrol team helps our customers achieve their goals. It is a privilege to be surrounded by such talented, dedicated people.”

Ben Durbin, P.E.


Ben Durbin, P.E., is President of Cybertrol Engineering. Ben has been involved since 1994 in the successful design and implementation of industrial automation and information systems for many industrial projects and processes, including significant process industry, food and beverage, chemical, automotive, and pulp and paper experience. Ben joined Cybertrol in 1997 as a project engineer and has held lead engineering and sales management positions before being promoted to President. Ben works to promote communication with staff and customers and cultivate a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude to help complete any aspect of a project and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Ben holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota and is a registered Professional Engineer.

“My greatest job satisfaction comes from seeing an eager but inexperienced employee grow from a ‘newbie’ into a competent professional. We have a great team at Cybertrol and their enthusiasm inspires me daily.”

Mark Visness, P.E.

Engineering Manager

Mark Visness, P.E., is Engineering Manager for Cybertrol Engineering, where he has worked since 2011. Mark has 30 years of controls engineering experience, including over 15 years of food/dairy manufacturing experience. He has also worked in the aerospace and water/wastewater industries. Mark is focused on team building, mentoring, training, and customer satisfaction. Mark is a frequent speaker and presenter at conferences nationwide. Events include Manufacturing Matters!, Pro4M, Rockwell AutomationFair, and Rockwell Automation TechEd.

Mark holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota and is a registered Professional Engineer.

“What I really enjoy about being with Cybertrol is the opportunity to solve complex challenges on projects large and small, and seeing the fruition of our work on grocery store shelves or in articles or advertisements that I happen to come across. It’s fun to be able to say “We made that.”

Doug Jaques

Technical Director

Doug Jaques is the Technical Director at Cybertrol Engineering, where he has worked since 1998. Doug has been involved since 1985 with industrial automation, implementing control system design and programming solutions for process and machine control. Doug mentors engineers, develops programming standards, and is involved in R&D with new technologies. Doug has been an integral part of projects that have been featured in major trade magazine publications, including Control Engineering and The Journal. Doug also participates in technical presentations at trade shows. Doug was part of a Rockwell Automation TechEd presentation with Medtronic on a project that increased production by 230%!

Doug holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota.

“With the continuing advancements in technology, being part of a group that is at the forefront of the ever changing landscape of information and controls is exciting. It is enjoyable being involved with engineers who are able to speak the same language as the plant floor operators, as well as the corporate IT group, and able to put a system in place that merges these technologies.“

Tim Barthel

Design Engineering Manager – Project Engineering

Tim Barthel is the Design Engineering Manager for Cybertrol Engineering, where he has worked since 2007. During his years at Cybertrol, Tim has served as the project lead for a number of multimillion-dollar food and beverage and oil and gas projects. Tim is involved in scoping projects for existing and potential customers. He specializes in plant-wide operational design approaches for totally integrated automation and information systems – for new and existing facilities. Tim regularly presents at major conferences on these topics and recently presented at an industry Smart Manufacturing conference.

Tim holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).

“Customers look to Cybertrol to provide them with state-of-the-art systems and solutions to solve their problems. I am thankful for this responsibility and take it seriously. Cybertrol challenges me to be the best I can be, and in the Systems and Software group, I try to cultivate an environment that similarly challenges others.”

Tony Kuznia

Lead Engineer – Systems/Software

Tony Kuznia is the Lead Engineer for the Systems and Software group at Cybertrol Engineering where he has worked since 2009.  Tony leads software development and IT projects providing plant-wide manufacturing execution systems, information systems, industrial IT systems, and business intelligence for Fortune 500 companies.  Tony has presented at multiple trade shows on leading topics in Industrial IT and MES software solutions.

Tony holds an Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

“Cybertrol has provided me with many opportunities to advance my engineering career from a technical and managerial perspective. I’m proud to work for a company that is committed to its employees and committed to delivering exceptional results to its customers.”

Brent Kantola

Lead Engineer – Project Engineering

Brent Kantola is a Lead Engineer for Cybertrol Engineering, where he has worked since 2004.  Brent is known for his technical expertise and excellent programming, troubleshooting, and smooth system start-ups.  Customers know they can rely on Brent to deliver complex solutions in short plant changeovers and to exceed expectations on ramping up production.  Brent leads major projects for chemical, meat, beverage, snack foods, cereal, and dairy industries.  

Brent holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from Michigan Technological University.

“I enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology and I know every day that I come to work at Cybertrol I will be challenged with new and exciting problems and projects. Cybertrol offers me the opportunity to design and implement ideas to streamline and improve our customer’s processes”

Brian Smith

Lead Engineer – Project Engineering

Brian Smith is a Lead Engineer for Cybertrol Engineering, where he has worked since 2013.  Brian has extensive food and beverage industry experience leading major capital projects with several control systems in excess of 1000 IO points.  This includes extensive work with entire cheese plants, ag processing, and specialty dairy processing facilities.

Brian holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from North Dakota State University.

“Cybertrol is an exciting place to work for, with a wide range of customers and industries serviced. The dynamic team at Cybertrol is great to work with.”

Joel Haugen, P.E.

Lead Engineer – Project Engineering

Joel Haugen, P.E. is a Lead Engineer at Cybertrol Engineering. Joel has been involved since 2004 in the successful design and implementation of industrial automation and information systems for many industrial projects, including significant process industry, food and beverage, packaging, and material handling experience. Joel joined Cybertrol in 2013 as a project engineer.

Joel holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).

“I really enjoy what I am doing and appreciate the support I receive on a day in day out basis from the leadership team at Cybertrol. At Cybertrol, there is a focus on providing the best solutions for our customer’s needs. Challenging as that is I see that carried out by the technically sound staff and the relationships Cybertrol has with its vendors in providing this ongoing support.”

Terry Gaffney

Production Manager

Terry Gaffney is the Production Manager for Cybertrol Engineering. Terry has been involved in the Automation and Controls Industry for 30+ years as a Technician, Project Manager and Production Manager. Terry joined the Cybertrol Engineering team in 2013 as a Production Coordinator working with Sales, Engineering and Purchasing to stage production events and track project deliveries. Terry is known for his hard work and dedication to quality and on time delivery commitment to his customers.