Cybertrol Engineering is a control and information systems integration company.

We develop, implement, and support industrial control and information systems. Our plant-wide approach is to deliver appropriate information to all levels of users which allows manufacturers’ facilities to run at maximum efficiency, with the greatest visibility for corporate, management, and plant floor operations.

We provide full-service computer and control systems integration, with expertise in PLC/HMI based applications, software applications, data acquisition, batch control, manufacturing execution systems, and Internet/Intranet-based applications.

We work in many industries worldwide. Our staff has a proven track record integrating control systems projects for major corporations and up-and-coming operations. We can handle project scopes from small upgrades and retrofits to large expansions and new facilities.

Our structured methodology includes strong internal hardware and software design standards and methods. This is combined with peer design reviews at key project steps to provide continuity in design and a seamless look and feel across all areas.

We work with you to define your needs and select the best equipment and software to accomplish your goals.

Why customers partner with Cybertrol Engineering:

It’s our People.—They:

  • Are committed to excellence
  • Provide project leadership
  • Can break a project down into its key components
  • Are detail oriented and have good communication skills
  • Think proactively beyond the control and information system

It’s our project implementation process.—All projects:

  • Have a set of goals and a schedule.—We make it happen!
  • Employ consistent design philosophies, making for repeatable modular and scalable designs
  • Have consistent sets of models and terminology
  • Include design reviews at key project milestones — This gives every project the complete expertise of Cybertrol Engineering

“Cybertrol has exceeded the bar, and I just want to say thanks. I look forward to finishing this project and future endeavors.”

– Chemical Plant Engineer