Cybertrol has a vast internal knowledge, and we are proven industry leaders with industrial IT.

There is a significant convergence happening on plant floors, and integration of the plant network infrastructure and business infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. Cybertrol is here to coordinate that convergence.

The increasing popularity of setting up Ethernet-based networks is ideal for the plant floor; it allows for a standardization of connections, and the ability to communicate and view data and reporting remotely. However, it comes with an increased need for security and a proven skill set that only comes from experience. Cybertrol has the experience and has demonstrated the ability to provide secure, reliable Industrial IT time and time again.

Cybertrol values training and staying on the cutting edge of technology very highly. That is why we have multiple staff with certifications and continue to stay up to date on best practices.

We provide this industrial IT equipment and services:

Industrial Data Centers

Hardware designed to be future proof

Industrial Data Centers (IDC) are the best solution for consolidating all of your old hardware on the plant floor. Cybertrol builds each IDC in-house with our proven hardware and software build and test procedures.

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Data Center Virtualization

Consolidate your hardware and reduce maintenance

Running Operating Systems on individual hardware means you have to maintain, update and backup every sing one of those computers. Virtualization can consolidate all of those physical computers and make it easy to perform maintenance, improve disaster recovery, reduce hardware vendor lock-in and increase uptime.

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Cloud Solutions

Off-source your hardware for peace of mind

Cybertrol leads the industry in cloud-biased systems. Leveraging the cloud can have benefits that might suit exactly what you need. Putting your systems into the cloud can increase flexibility, lower infrastructure costs, and accessibility.

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Thin Clients

Centralized control of all monitors

Plants that use physical PCs for every station run the risk of having that hardware fail. Consolidating those systems virtually and running thin client can increase availability, allow remote support, operator station security and have a low cost of ownership.

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Optimizing your traffic flow

Old networks can be prone to communication issues and are unable to grow with your needs. Cybertrol can perform a site network assessment to see where you could be running into issues with your current network setup and can also create a network design that will be dynamic to your growing needs.

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Construction Coordination

Make changes according to your schedule

Making changes to your infrastructure in a live plant can be difficult to coordinate. Cybertrol can make upgrades periodically to your plant when you have time to do them. This will prevent downtime and will ensure that everything is implemented correctly.

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Managed Services

Check in with your hardware and software

Hardware and software failure can lead to plant downtime and loss of data; this can cost you a lot more than just money. Cybertrol can save you the trouble by checking in on all of your systems remotely and fixing an issue or concern before it can cause any problems.

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