Cybertrol’s historian solutions include site historians and enterprise-wide historians.


Our solutions include both time-series and event driven data collection. We analyze the requirements of an operation and build the system based on proven best practices and industry standards for hardware and software.

Electronic data recording requirements are rapidly increasing as plant floor automation systems grow. Cybertrol is there for our customers to specify systems using the latest technology for current requirements and future expansion.

Regulated industries: FDA, EPA, USDA

  • Cybertrol has many installations in regulated industries: Life sciences, food, and manufacturers required to report on wastewater and emissions systems.
  • Cybertrol installs data acquisition systems that comply with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11—The FDA Code of Federal Regulations standard for electronic records and electronic signatures.

We specify data acquisition server systems, including such items as redundant drive arrays, server cabinets, and virtualization of servers. We design and specify all system hardware and software components. We thoroughly validate systems in-house with test procedures.

Our systems include redundancy, store-and-forward, and disaster recovery considerations, so our customers data is secure and reliable.