The Energy and Utilities industries require the most appropriately applied technologies for reliable operation. Cybertrol Engineering is the partner for success with a vision for sustainability.

Conserving energy and resources, while reducing waste requires a responsible and cost conscience partner like Cybertrol. We work to understand the user requirements, define the detailed functional requirements, and provide the systems to accomplish the project goals.

Cybertrol has coordinated many sensitive facility process control system software and hardware upgrades:  Preparing these facilities for the next 25 years of robust operation.

Our approach includes:

  • Thorough site analysis
  • Documentation updates
  • Extensive in-house simulation and test documentation
  • Phased approach for ZERO system-wide downtime
  • Redundancy designs
  • Mobile devices
  • Reports:
    • shift
    • usage
    • exception
    • plant summary
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • Complete support

Cybertrol has experience integrating complex challenges into basic components:  A coordinated methodology for smooth upgrades.