Cybertrol is the Managed Service Provider (MSP) for our customer’s industrial data centers.


When Cybertrol sets up an IDC, we support the IDC, software, and network on an ongoing monthly basis. This includes RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), as well as backups, and general support. With any plant on-board Cybertrol’s MSP program, managers can receive monthly reports to the health of their entire system, as well as incident reports.
We set it up for you; we manage it for you; we support it for you. We take care of the underlying infrastructure and software so that you can focus on your business.

Remote Monitoring: Cybertrol uses leading edge technology to monitor the health of an IDC we setup, including Virtual Machine health (Disk space, resource utilization, and network traffic), network connectivity/uptime, Anti-Virus software, rogue device/application detection, service monitoring and more.

Remote Management: Cybertrol can remotely manage and support all of the systems we implement. We work with existing plant IT resources whenever necessary to allow us to securely connect to the system and proactively fix/maintain systems to minimize any issues that arise.

Remote Backups: Cybertrol is a Pro-Partner with VEEAM. We take care of monitoring and managing all of the system backups, and even replicate them offsite to cloud servers when needed.

Remote Support: In addition to the standard RMM that Cybertrol provides, we also are available to support any issues that come up and have different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet our customer needs. From 8×5 to 24×7, we find a solution that works for you and your needs.