Cybertrol has the expertise and the experiences with various HMI software to make sure you have the best solution.

We have completed numerous plant-wide installations with various  HMIs networked together to form fully integrated systems.

We have programming standards in place and the staff experience to assure a high quality, consistent finished product in appearance and underlying functionality with emphasis on ease of maintenance. HMI programming modules and templates are presented and reviewed early in projects and followed throughout each area of software development.

This modular approach allows proven modules to be readily utilized as the building blocks – a solid foundation.

Information integration from the top floor to the plant floor is an ever-increasingly important aspect in today’s business operations. Cybertrol includes information integration considerations on the front-end of our designs, so factories that run on Cybertrol solutions are information-enabled.

Cybertrol builds applications that provide data visibility for those who need it, and it also allows for higher-level operations, such as setting production schedules and modifying corporate formulation recipes.

Simulation and Factory Acceptance Testing

Cybertrol Engineering runs each program in a simulation mode before shipment, which allows us to test all functionality thoroughly before it goes to the field. Program state logic/sequences are stepped through, and alarms, interlocks, and device popups are tested. Cybertrol documents each software checkout with a project-specific software checklist.

Cybertrol will then invite the customer to participate in a software Factory Acceptance Test. Clients have found it useful to have operations, engineering, and management attends these reviews. These studies can be conducted in person at our facilities or via a web conference allowing all parties to gain a better understanding of the system before field start-up.

The results are more efficient start-ups and a fine-tuned control system, which adds value to projects.