Businesses need to optimize assets.


Cybertrol understands how to apply electronic motion control to mechanical equipment for optimal machine operation. We bring our wealth of real-world application experience to make it happen.

Getting the most out of equipment requires a control system that has key business drivers in mind: quality, flexibility, and operation efficiency. We achieve these goals by an in-depth study of operational requirements and follow through by applying the optimal machine control and information solution. The result is improved production and lowered risk.

Our resume includes many multi-axis motion control solutions that typically use one or more virtual axes with physical axes geared to a virtual master or following cam profiles based upon virtual master position. We integrate solutions on a variety of motion control automation platforms in high performance, demanding applications.

Success stories include these realized benefits:

  • Cycle time improvement
  • Lowered maintenance cost
  • More intuitive operator interfaces
  • Better diagnostic information
  • Maximized machine availability
  • Detailed data analysis tools
  • Operator training improved
  • Rapid changeovers

If obsolete motion control systems are causing problems, consider retrofitting them with new controls. We take proprietary/obsolete OEM motion control systems and define/deliver the migration path to upgrade machines to the latest motion control technologies.