Cybertrol Engineering is a recognized leader for Batch Control Systems


This experience is the result of numerous, successful batch control system projects for a variety of challenging batch solutions. Our engineers are experts at the ISA-88 Standard for Batch Control and modeling the enterprise for optimal batch processing.

We define Batch Control and Recipe Execution solutions for manufacturing operations by analyzing the physical system and the procedural requirements. Cybertrol will help you understand how batch control systems can facilitate:

  • Flexible Batching Requirements
  • Batch History Logging and Recording
  • Lot Tracking/Material Genealogy
  • Batch campaigns
  • Scheduling Production
  • Recipe Editing, Storage, and Version Control
  • Reduction or Elimination of Paper
  • System Validation
  • Manual Operations
  • Reporting


These batch control system designs take into consideration FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (the Code of Federal Regulations for electronic records and electronic signatures).

From system functional requirements specifications to software module construction, Cybertrol’s designs comply with the Instrument Society of America standards. These standards including the hierarchical Plant Model structure of Facility, Area, Process Cell, Unit, Equipment, and Control (individual control points), following the ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards for batch system design and integration with MES/ERP systems.

Batch Presentations and Publications

Example Batch Projects

Following is a list of Cybertrol sample projects using a server-based ISA-88 batch control solution:
Mineral Supplement
  • Batch size approx. 5000 lb.
  • ~50 formulations
  • 9 Units
Catalyst Coating Slurry
  • Batch Size 1000 Gal.
  • ~40 formulations
  • 15 Units
Nutritional beverages
  • Batch Size 30,000 gal.
  • Approx. 10 formulations
  • >50 Units
Medical Supplement
  • Batch size up to 10,000 gals.
  • Dozens of formulations
  • 12 Units
Fermented natural preservative
  • Batch Size 7500 gal.
  • 10 Units
Malt beverages and Energy drinks
  • Batch size up to 8,000 gals.
  • Dozens of formulations
  • 12 Units
 Cheese powders
  • Batch Size 500 gal.
  • ~40 formulations
  • 8 Units
Barbeque sauce
  • Batch Size 500 gal.
  • 10 formulations
  • 4 Units
Ice Cream and Novelty mix
  • Batch Size 2000 gal.
  • Dozens of formulations
  • >40 Units
Fermented ingredient
  • Batch Size 7500 gal.
  • 9 Units
 Process Cheese
  • Batch size approx. 5000 lb.
  • Several formulations
  • 38 Units