Cybertrol Engineering is known for being process control system experts.

We integrate large-scale process production facilities, completing successful integration projects over 15,000 IO points.

We take user requirements and bring our process control knowledge to define the critical functional requirements for efficient, safe operations.

Each process is broken down into defined modular components. These modules are built and tested at the equipment module level up to and including complete unit operations.

Entire processes are run and vigorously tested in simulation environments at Cybertrol. We demonstrate full operation to our customers through software factory acceptance meetings.

Our internal validations ensure detailed software checkout before site testing begins. This leads to very smooth start-ups—customers hire Cybertrol because our process control software makes for smoother start-ups.

We take pride in solving the most challenging process control problems.


Functional Requirements Specifications

The Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) contains the following program information:

  • Control Software
    • Area model definition
    • Unit Procedures: For each, a detailed description is given of how operations are organized
    • Operations: For each, a full description is given of how phases are arranged
    • Phases: For each, a detailed sequence description is given, including steps, transition conditions, and activations for each step
    • Device and Program Interlocks
    • Alarms and Alarm Actions
  • Graphical Interface Templates
  • Electronic Reporting Requirements