Cybertrol Engineering’s design teams bring together our combined expertise of IT infrastructure, electrical engineering, and process control for seamless plant-wide systems.


We follow a system development life cycle for each design:

We are well-equipped with vast libraries of CAD designs based upon our thorough drafting and design standards.

These detailed drawings can be provided:

  • Networks and Information Systems
    • SCADA Network Layout Diagrams
    • Industrial Data Centers
    • Network Cabinets for network hardware such as switches, patch panels, power supplies, routers, and rack-mount computers
  • Process Control
    • Module Layout
    • I/O device symbol with tag and description
    • Card Termination points Field Termination points
    • Device Switch or jumper settings
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
    • Three-Phase diagrams for motor starters and VFD’s
    • Low Voltage power distribution diagrams
    • Computer/Instrumentation/Device power
    • Instrumentation/Device pin-outs showing terminations and settings
    • Cable pin-out and details
  • Mechanical
    • Control Panel Drawings and Sub-Panel Layouts
    • Cut-out and Engraving Details
    • P&ID Tagging
    • Pneumatic Diagrams
    • Operator and Push-Button Stations
  • Construction Scope Packages
    • Plan-view device locations
    • Detail packages for:
      • 3-phase power
      • 1-phase power
      • DC power
      • Networks
      • I/O
      • compressed air
      • pneumatics